Road Scholar Rides

​KATY 1-Day Tours 

 * Price includes up to 4 people, luggage & bikes

 * Additional $100 for 24ft box trailer

Guided Trips

Shuttle Service 

From St. Charles

Baggage Transfer 

From St. Charles  

Airport/ Amtrak Shuttle

Support services

KATY Bike Rental & Shuttle provides a full range of support services for your weekend getaway, cycling club trip or vacation.

* Defiance to Machens

* McKittrick to Defiance

* North Jefferson City to Hermann

* Boonville to Jefferson City

* Sedalia to Boonville

* Clinton to Sedalia 

KATY Bike Rental & Shuttle is the official provider for the Road Scholar KATY Trail Program 

Don't have time for a week-long KATY Trip or have sections of the Trail on your "Bucket List"?  Enjoy all the Support of our Week-Long Trips in the form of a Day-Trip.

* 7 Nights Lodging / 17 Meals

* Full Sag Support with Sweep

* Baggage Transfer

* Field Trips & Expert Lectures 

Details Coming Soon